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Full-Length Musicals...


Book by Sarah Hammond

Music & Lyrics by Adam Gwon



A workaholic Greek goddess gets tangled up with a security guard in the basement of the tallest building in the world. One mistake leads to another (a lost pair of scissors, a kiss, a stolen string) and soon the oldest Fate is breaking her own rules to offer forever to an ordinary man. Can the fabric of the universe stand a flaw? An original musical about the three Fates in the modern city. [4M, 6F (flex); one intermission]



Barefoot Persephone

Book & Lyrics by Sarah Hammond

Music by Cheeyoung Kim


So you go and marry the King of the Dead and then your mother threatens to destroy the whole earth because she misses you. Growing up is tough, huh? A soul-searching update of the Greek myth about Persephone, queen of the underworld, and her mother, goddess of the harvest with a quirky score, as funny as it is haunting. [3M, 4F]


"River of Forgetting" from Barefoot Persephone.

Short Musicals...


A collection of little bursts of musical theatrics, mostly ten-minutes long, most for pairs of actors, mostly 1M, 1F. Seen onstage at the Cornelia Street Cafe, Barrington Stage Company's 10-Minute Musical Festival, Milwaukee Rep's Apprentice Showcase, and on Sarah's kitchen table. Scripts available upon request. The short works include "People Are Dancing" (w. Benny Gammerman), "Jack + Jill" (w. Emily Goldman), "Yellow Egg / Blue Egg" (w. Will Aronson), "Cloud + Goat" (w. Cheeyoung Kim), "Eleanor and the Cardboard Man" (w. Adam Overett), and "After Edgar" (w. Bob Kelly).


Listen to "Jack + Jill."

Listen to "People Are Dancing."

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